Understanding the Enemy

Keith Davis is a retired Army Intelligence Warrant Officer (CW4) with over 30 years' experience in the intelligence field.  In 1999, while serving as an analyst in Bosnia, Keith began studying foundational Islamic sources to understand what was motivating so many to kill on behalf of an ideology.  Keith spent 5 of the next 13 years in countries where he defended and fought Muslims, with both sides claiming their actions were in accordance with Sharia Law.  

Before you can protect your country from the enemy, you have to understand the enemy.  To this end, Keith established the Understanding the Enemy training program in March 2017.  He can provide a tailored presentation for your organization, with three primary training packages:

  • 1-hour orientation to Understanding the Enemy
  • 5-hour series that includes a 15-minute presentation students will be able to present at the end of the training
  • 8-hour series to provide a comprehensive understanding of the factors driving the enemy to subjugate all unbelievers

Keith has given over 50 presentations across 4 states, teaching attendees to understand the volume of documents which form Sharia Law, how Sharia Law contradicts the Constitution, and the important role 1,400 year old documents still play in today's political and military battlefields.  He explains what drives groups like ISIS, and individuals like the San Bernardino couple, the Orlando nightclub shooter, and the Ohio State stabber, to murder people we consider to be innocents and why we will have to deal with this seemingly new threat for the foreseeable future (examples available on the Videos page).  Keith always emphasizes and explains the threat comes from the doctrine which empowers those who wish to subjugate non-Muslims, not from Muslims who reject this doctrine.  If your group would like Keith to speak, use the Contact page.

Fayetteville Meetings

Keith has been teaching a Fayetteville, NC national security-focused group for the last 5 years.  While Keith is not a member of the organization, his ongoing relationship with the people in this chapter is important to him and he enjoyed providing an education to attendees at the 2013-2017 Meetings:

Foundational Documents

Important documents and slide shows providing information on Sharia Law and Political Islam

Foundational Documents

ISIS and al-Qaida magazines

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